Colby Pearce - NINOX Ambassador

Colby Pearce set the US Hour Record in 1995 and earned a spot on the 2004 US Olympic team on the track before launching his career in endurance coaching and bike fitting. A native of Boulder, Colorado, Pearce has over 140 race wins on the track, road, MTB, and CX and still actively competes. When Pearce is not riding or racing, he can often be found at The Pearce Fit Lab in Boulder, Colorado. Pearce trained and mentored under noted bike fitter Steve Hogg, and currently works as a product ambassador and developer for German power meter company SRM.  NINOX is excited to have Pearce as a NINOX Ambassador in Boulder.

  • 2004 Olympian, 40km points race
  • 2003 Pan Am Games bronze medalist
  • 2007 Continental Champion, madison
  • 14 time national track champion
  • US hour record holder: 50.191km Colorado Springs, CO, 1995
  • US hour 40-44 record holder: 49.806km Colorado Springs, CO 2013
  • US hour 40-44 absolute record holder (Merckx style): 46.452 Colorado Springs CO 2013
  • 8 time US Worlds team member
  • 11 time track world cup medalist
  • US National Track Team coach, Nov 2005-May 2007
  • over 140 race wins on track, road, MTB and CX
  • racing for 25 years
  • raced on 5 continents
  • attended University of Colorado in Boulder