Lifetime Guarantee


NINOX guarantees that our products will perform for the uses for which they are intended.  All NINOX products (excluding knits) are backed by a lifetime warranty, which we will extend to the original owner, against any and all defects in workmanship and material.

No piece of clothing, however, is able to last forever as fabrics will eventually break down, seams will burst, and moving parts wear over time.  Therefore, our lifetime warranty only applies to a reasonable expectation of the product's lifetime. This period of time is different for each item and is subject to our discretion.

Damages due to wear and tear, such as rips, tears, abrasions, UV degradation, neglect, misuse, or the natural breakdown of materials over time are in no way covered under this warranty. If, however, the product has failed prematurely due to poor workmanship or a defect in the materials used, NINOX customer service will provide a review upon your submission.

Customers are responsible for sending the item back to NINOX for warranty evaluation at their own cost. All items submitted for review should be washed or cleaned, in accordance with the particular products wash instructions, before being sent. If it is determined that your product needs to be cleaned, NINOX will contact you to either return your item to you for cleaning, or provide an estimate of these costs before proceeding with a warranty review.

Please expect eight weeks turnaround time from when NINOX receives the product until it is returned to you.  

For warranty evaluation, please call customer service at 303.219.0218 or contact customer service at