Justin Daerr - NINOX Ambassador

Justin Daerr is a professional triathlete originally from Houston, Texas and winner of the 2014 Boulder Ironman Triathlon.
NINOX welcomes the winner of the 2014 Boulder Ironman to our ambassador program.  For 2015 NINOX will be Daerr's lead sponsor. Justin, born and raised in Houston, Texas began competing in Triathlons in college in 2000 at the amateur level.  En route to his own athletic goals, Justin started a triathlon program for beginners in college, was key in helping found the Texas A&M Triathlon Team, and interned for a leading triathlon publication. Following college, he obtained his triathlon coaching certification and began more formal coaching and mentoring of athletes.

In 2007, Justin moved to Boulder, Colorado full-time to intensify and focus on his training.  He also began working with Endurance Corner LLC and now serves as the Chief Operating Officer and continues to personally coach individual athletes. Justin's modest beginnings in the sport of triathlon never included the intention of racing professionally but over time he has immersed himself in the sport and today stands with a personal best Iron-distance finishing time of 8:13, a personal best finish place of 1st Overall (Ironman Boulder 2014), and a successful coaching enterprise. Justin spends his free time with his wife, Brooke, and his two cats, Lexi and Siggy. He also has a dream of being on Jeopardy one day and watches the show every night in preparation.



  • 1st Ironman Boulder 2014
  • 2nd Ironman Texas 2012
  • 2nd Challenge Wanaka 2010
  • 3rd Ironman Whistler 2015
  • 3rd Ironman Texas 2014
  • 3rd Ironman Florida 2011
  • 3rd Ironman Louisville 2011
  • 4th Ironman Texas 2013
  • 4th Ironman Wisconsin 2012
  • 4th Ironman Lake Placid 2010
  • 4th Challenge Wanaka 2009
  • 5th Wildflower Triathlon 2014
  • 5th Ironman Canada 2008
  • 6th Ironman Cozumel 2013
  • 6th Ironman Wisconsin 2009
  • 7th Ironman North American Championship (Texas) 2011

Personal Bests:

  • Ironman distance: 8:13:35 (IM Florida 2013)
  • Half Ironman distance: 3:55:37 (Boulder 70.3 2013